These are the 13 best and most popular dark web marketplaces for 2022

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The 13 Biggest and Best Dark Web Marketplaces for 2022: Quick Guide

The Darkweb Marketplaces are an online marketplace where you can purchase almost anything. These marketplaces operate over the Tor network which gives them anonymity and concealment.

There are nearly 45 darknet markets out there, and many of these are scam sites.

We recommend that you stick to 13 websites listed below if you want to search darknet markets. All of them were reliable and safe, as we've seen.

  1. DarkFox
  2. Vice City Market
  3. Royal Market
  4. Ares Market
  5. AlphaBay Market
  6. Kingdom Market
  7. ASAP Market
  8. Tor2Door
  9. Bohemia
  10. Archetyp
  11. Incognito
  12. Cocorico
  13. Kerberos

These darknet markets are generally safe but it is important that you make basic security precautions to ensure your safety. It means using strong antivirus and a reliable VPN.

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You can read the remainder of this article for more information about these markets and what you will find!

Internet users are fascinated by the dark web. Many of us are familiar with the dark web, where anyone can purchase anything from counterfeit accounts to weapons. There are over 45 darknet markets making it hard to distinguish between legit and malicious.

We have compiled this list, which includes the top 13 dark web marketplaces. You should be aware that the dark internet is dangerous and can attract criminals. It's therefore important to protect yourself.

Stay Safe When Accessing Dark Web Marketplaces

The dark web refers to the section of the internet not indexable by search engines like Google. Only a particular onion link is required to access the dark web. This browser is called the Tor browser. Although the dark web contains many useful sites, it also hosts a large amount of illegal activity.

It's possible to accidentally install malware when browsing dark web markets. You can also attract attention to law enforcement authorities in countries that view the dark web with suspicion.

Always use a Virtual Provider Network (VPN) to protect your identity and privacy when surfing darknet markets.

VPNs protect your internet activity from being spied on by third parties. NordVPN is highly recommended for secure browsing on dark internet due to its Onion VPN routers.

NordVPN protects your internet activity

13 Top Dark Web Marketplaces for 2022

Here's our list 13 best dark Web marketplaces for 2022. They are still actively, and extremely popular.

1. DarkFox

Screenshot of Dark Fox website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC
Payment Methods Multisig Escrow and FE
All Listings 45,000

DarkFox Market was launched in 2020 and has been a reliable dark market . It is easy to navigate and has a clean interface.

It also has a remarkable 45,000 listings making it one of the largest darknet markets on our list. You can also rate your purchases.

DarkFox, during our testing, was among the markets that allowed us to browse products without having to register an account. The traditional wallet is used for payment. To make a transaction, you will need to first deposit crypto in your wallet.

The Anti-phishing Protection is also offered, which makes the threat of phishing attacks very low. You can also use Finalize early payments.

The vendor transfers the money to his account when the item is marked as shipped. It is important that only use FE with trustworthy vendors.

Link: mvwl4dlp732ke7oqp4tdu56gkbozurqykbl3ca6qc4x3t4rpxhe3hmyd.onion

2. Vice City Market

Screenshot of Vice City website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: Bitcoin (BTC).
Payment Methods Finish Early and Multisig Escrow
All Listings 15,000

Vice City Market, a darknet market that was established in May 2020. The site has limited number of listings, and caters primarily to prescription and recreational drugs as well as substances.

It has an stringent policy to ban porn and fentanyl. This helps it keep its site clean. The most sought-after items in this dark internet marketplace are digital products and cannabis.

Vendors must make a $300 bond to help reduce the number of unlicensed sellers on the platform. The vendors can also be found around the globe and ship to various countries.

Payments can be made to vendors using FE or a Multisig Escrow. This is a multisignature escrow that requires consent from both/multiple parties prior to funds being released.

Vice City does not support Monero (XMR). is disappointing as Bitcoin transactions can still be tracked using chain analysis methods, while Monero tracking is currently impossible.

Link: http://57vewgwbxgqopz7ggf3f3ohkebstlcj6cnj2ugrnbavwbr7hrgx65gid.onion/

3. Royal Market

Screenshot of Royal Market website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR
Payment Methods Escrow and Finish Early
All Listings 28,748

Royal Market has over 28,000 listings and is the biggest dark web market. Since its inception, Royal Market has been a popular dark-web marketplace.

Major product categories are documents and cannabis. The overall functionality of the search and sorting is poor, with results not always being accurate.

Trusted vendors have the ability to create custom shop for you on the Marketplace. This allows you to explore all that one vendor offers on a single page.

Royal Market's success is due to the payment-per-order method, rather than setting up an account wallet. Multisig Escrow's absence is an issue.

Link: http://royalrnpvfbodtt5altnnzano6hquvn2d5qy55oofc2zyqciogcevrad.onion

4. Ares Market

Screenshot of Ares website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR
Payment Methods Escrow and Finish Early
All Listings 8,600

Ares Market is one the largest darknet marketplaces. The website has more than 8600 listings, and caters to digital products. The website's design is simple to navigate.

Due to the stringent criteria that vendors must meet, this marketplace adds to its reliability . This makes it difficult to select vendors.

A wallet-less, escrow system allows users to pay directly from their wallets. For reliable sellers, which are often very difficult to find on this platform, FE can be supported.

Link: http://sn2sfdqay6cxztroslaxa36covrhoowe6a5xug6wlm6ek7nmeiujgvad.onion

5. AlphaBay Market

Screenshot of AlphaBay website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: Monero (XMR)
Payment Methods Escrow early and finalize
All Listings 330

From 2014 to 2017, the original AlphaBay Market existed and was regarded as one of best dark internet markets. The site was closed down in 2017 after its administrators were arrested.

The site was relaunched by one of its admins in 2021, and it is now on the road to becoming the largest dark web market in the world. AlphaBay's professionalism and zero tolerance approach to managing scams are what make it stand out.

The AlphaGuard function helps to prevent users' funds from being seized by law enforcement in the event of a crackdown. This is especially true if their servers are all at once. AlphaBay offers an Automatic Disput Resolver to help resolve disputes between buyers and vendors.

Most vendors are reliable. While veteran vendors have the option to pay Finalize early (FE), others must use the escrow route.

These products can be classified as drugs, controlled chemicals or counterfeit items. AlphaBay adheres to a stringent policy regarding fentanyl-based drug and COVID-related materials.

Link: grenvjmcs7d4f3vjf2ww5unqupqmwiq2dsviknshc5yumg4n5pn7plad.onion

6. Kingdom Market

Screenshot of Kingdom website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR and Litecoin (LTC), respectively.
Payment Methods Escrow and Finish Early
All Listings 6,000

Kingdom Market is one of the newest dark web marketplaces on the list. It combines an clean interface and a range of payment options that make it easier to buy. The website lists drugs and credit card information as well as digital goods and services.

Kingdom Market is open to BTC, XMR and LTC. This will appeal to a wide range of users. It is a target of scammers who want to steal exit schemes, however it does not have multisignature accounts.

Kingdom Market vendors don't make a lot of sales so be cautious when making transactions.

Link: https://kingdomm7v6yed55o2rbspvs4exn5bzfxdizqaav27tw6gw4zc65vdad.onion

7. ASAP Market

Screenshot of ASAP website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR
Payment Methods Escrow and Closing Early
All Listings 6,000

ASAP Market offers some of the best security features available on the dark Web markets. These features include fake reviews detectors and scam hunters systems. These features improve ASAP Market's reliability.

Although its security measures are excellent, ASAP Market's user experience suffers from its general layout. It's difficult to find the products you want.

ASAP market offers a diverse collection of products. However, most of the listings are digital stimulants and items. You can use it with both BTC or XMR.

Link: 52a66fzozetb4j2nucqpbr2aima7nnlwjv3v56xnbrfojgui6sc5hqyd.onion

8. Tor2Door

Screenshot of Tor2Door website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR
Payment Methods Finish Early and Multisig Escrow
All Listings 12,500

Tor2Door is another dark web marketplace which has been in the news over the past year. The basic layout is easy to navigate.

Tor2Door lists most items you would expect, including counterfeits, drugs and jewelry. However, many products do not have reviews making it hard to confirm their authenticity and quality.

Tor2Door offers a variety of payment options. It relies on account wallets , but it also supports FE as well as multisig escrows . You can also use XMR and BTC.

Although it is good news that Tor2Door does not have a complicated CAPTCHA system, it can make Tor2Door vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

Link: jtli3cvjuwk25vys2nveznl3spsuh5kqu2jcvgyy2easppfx5g54jmid.onion

9. Bohemia

Screenshot of Bohemia website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC and XMR
Payment Methods Escrow and Finish Early
All Listings 3,500

Bohemia was one of many dark internet marketplaces to get a lot more traffic since White House Market, which is a very popular, was closed down. Bohemia was launched in 2021 but is still relatively young . While it has an large selection of drugs, substances other categories may not be as populated.

Its well-designed website makes it easy to browse the darknet marketplace. We had some difficulties with its DDoS defense, though it is not difficult.

Bohemia can accept both XMR or BTC as payment. Although it does not have some sophisticated payment features such as multisignature escrow or pay-per order, Bohemia tries to make sure that all available options can be used securely.

Link: boh75g7wqppzbw43tvqx2sllihy25qzjmquzqsua5eemq7vxgx6rikqd.onion

10. Archetyp

Screenshot of Archetyp website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: XMR
Payment Methods Escrow
All Listings 850

Arcehtyp, a darknet market that only offers drugs to users within Europe, is called Arcehtyp. It is easy to use because it only offers drugs, but the number of listings it has is very low. It does have some unique features like the ability to place bets about real-world events and political developments.

Archetyp is compatible with account-based transactions wallets as well as escrow accounts, keeping in line with its simplicity theme. It doesn't allow multisig escrows, or even FE. This means that it accepts only XMR which may limit Archetyp's users.

Link: archty3qkvsvtr4njxfz7mtzmvkua3l45qpth64twjo5jw5sgnx6xfid.onion

11. Incognito

Screenshot of Incognito website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR
Payment Methods Escrow and Finish Early
All Listings 2,100

Incognito is an drug-onlydark marketplace, but it doesn't sell any opioids. You can therefore find marijuana as well as other chemicals drugs available on the marketplace.

Although browsing the Incognito site can be difficult due to the absence of sub-categories, it offers the ability to sort products by vendors.

Incognito has advanced security features. It requires two-factor authentication, and recommends that users use PGP encryption for secure communications.

Incognito's limited payment options is a major drawback. Multisig Escrow is supported, making it a more secure alternative for those who fear exit scams.

Link: http://incognito2sjotqmbkys7wivkpq7d4a4tkpweoiqefk7mpf7uvyfalad.onion

12. Cocorico

Screenshot of Cocorico website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR
Payment Methods Escrow
All Listings 300

Cocorico is the best place to start if you are looking for darknet markets in Europe, and France. Cocorico lists most vendors that are located in France or neighboring countries, while others deliver globally.

Cocorico has a very low number of listings, most of which are in the marijuana category. There are no direct-pay, multisig escrow or FE options. You can use it to Avoid any traceable transactions.

Cocorico may not be the most reliable dark-web marketplace, but its European customers will find it to be reliable.

Link: xv3dbyx4iv35g7z2uoz2yznroy56oe32t7eppw2l2xvuel7km2xemrad.onion

13. Kerberos

Screenshot of Kerberos website

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, XMR
Payment Methods Escrow early and finalize
All Listings 1,100

Kerberos was launched in February 2021 and is still being established as a trusted darknet marketplace. Kerberos claims it is the only darknet marketplace to use multi-layer encryption servers and services. This would indicate that the platform has very high security.

Kerberos' layout and design is very interesting. It uses a lot of orange and black colors. Kerberos' most popular product categories are drugs and chemicals.

Kerberos has limited payment options. They only support traditional account-based wallets, escrow and other forms of electronic money. However, it allows users to transact both in BTC or XMR.

Link: kerberoscwus5qit6l32wmg3hz6j3zverf33moas3wjcgaatchililqd.onion

These dark web marketplaces: How did we choose them?

We considered factors like the size on the dark web market, payment methods and the range of products.

In evaluating the top darknet markets, we also considered history of trustworthy transactions . Every dark web market on the list was operational at the time we wrote this article.

However, darknet market are often closed due to legal and technical issues. The list will be kept up to date. If you find a dark internet market that isn't working, please let us know by leaving comments.

Inactive Darkweb Marketplaces

Law enforcement agencies are always on the lookout for darknet marketplaces. Dark web marketplaces can be taken down as a result. Many of the top dark web marketplaces from the past decade have stopped being active.

So that you don’t get phished, we have listed some of them below.

Hydra Market

Hydra was an Russian-language dark internet marketplace. The biggest marketplace worldwide up to early 2022, Hydra was renowned for being a destination for ransomware attacks. In May 2022, German authorities took it down.

Due to Hydra's server seizure, they also recovered close 23,000,000 euros in BTC.

WhiteHouse Market

WhiteHouse Market was one of the most popular dark internet marketplaces by mid-2021. The marketplace had almost 47,500 listings. It served users all over the globe.

The market administrators announced however that they were retiring once they reached the desired monetary goal.

Silk Road

Silk Road was the first dark internet marketplace. Silk Road was established in 2011. It served almost 100,00 customers, and more than 100 000 vendors.

In 2013, however, the FBI closed down the website and detained its owner. Due to the seizing of Silk Road's BTC, US Government made close to $1Billion.


ToRReZ was an innovative community-driven marketplace. The site was a community-driven marketplace that emphasized the need to create a secure environment for buyers and sellers to trade in. Its admins, however, announced that the site would be closed in December 2021 for personal reasons.

ToRReZ was one the most promising darknet markets, and its closing leaves a gap within the darknet marketplace market.

Darkweb Markets: How do I purchase items?

Dark web market transactions do not include traditional fiat currencies that governments issue. They instead rely on cryptocurrencies such as BTC or XMR for anonymous transactions.

Therefore, should be able to use a cryptocurrency wallet for transferring crypto from other wallets. Here's a quick guide:

  1. You can buy BTC and XMR on the cryptocurrency exchange that you prefer.
  2. Use the Tor browser to access a dark Web marketplace Our guide will help you to access the dark internet.
  3. Log in to locate the “Wallet” and “Account” sections.
  4. Look out for and Copy your wallet address — a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols.
  5. Go to the website/app of the exchange and click on the “Send Cryptocurrency” option.
  6. Copy the wallet address or crypto that you have copied from Step 4 and paste it in the appropriate field. Send.
  7. After the transaction has been verified on the blockchain the cryptocurrency should appear in your dark web wallet.
  8. You can use this amount to purchase other items from the dark Web marketplace of your choosing.

Dark Web Markets: Dangerous Opportunities

Infographic showing dangers of Dark Web markets

The dark web is primarily used for illegal or counterfeit goods. They are the most dangerous parts of the internet. The dark web is home to the following major dangers:


Many dark websites are disguised as marketplaces. To extract cash, they trick users into sharing their wallet information. When using dark web marketplaces, always verify the PGP encryption signature by vendors and admins.

Scams to exit

They occur when the buyer is reputed and continues accepting payments but fails to deliver products. When vendors consider closing down their business, exit scams are quite common.

You can “leave” your market by withdrawing the money , with no recourse to buyers. Evolution and other marketplaces have pulled exit scams against users, withdrawing the escrowed BTC to their personal accounts .


Dark web marketplaces are a common place to sell digital items. Many of these items can contain malware such as ransomware and computer viruses that can severely harm your device.

You could be in serious trouble if you purchase illegal goods on the dark internet. You could be in serious trouble if you use the Tor network or dark web to purchase illegal items.

Before accessing the Tor network or the dark internet in your country, make sure you verify its legal status.

How to Access Darkweb Marketplaces Safely

Infographic showing how to safely access Dark Web marketplaces

Dark web marketplaces pose serious dangers. Users must take all safety and security precautions.

1. A VPN is a good choice.

A VPN provides an additional layer of encryption for your internet traffic. keeps you private while browsing the dark web. It can be used to alter your address or prevent malicious exit nodes from the Tor browser.

2. Get an anti-virus scanner

Downloading malware or other dangerous objects via dark-web marketplaces is easy. It's essential to install an antivirus scanner in order to identify these dangers. Bitdefender offers strong protection from different viruses.

3. Flash and JavaScript should be disabled

These plugins can be used for dynamic content such as videos on websites but they're also commonly used to inject exploits or vulnerabilities in your system. This can be done by choosing the Tor browser's highest security setting.

4. Don't share your personal data

You should not disclose any personal information to access a Dark Web Marketplace, as this can be used by scammers and hackers.

Conclusion: These are the Best Darkweb Marketplaces

After reading this article you will now be able to identify which darknet markets are worth your time and which you should stay away from. No matter what marketplace you visit, remember to follow the precautions mentioned above .

You are responsible for your safety and security in the dark web . The dark web offers more than marketplaces. You can browse some great websites that are journalism-related, or you could use anonymous file-sharing services.

FAQ: 13 of the Best Dark Web Marketplaces and Largest in 2022

Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding darknet marketplaces. Please leave a comment if you have a question about darknet marketplaces.

DarkFox Market is the biggest darknet marketplace as of June 20, 222. There are more than 45,000 products listed on the site, which includes counterfeit goods and jewelry. Other dark internet marketplaces are also available.

Dream Market has ceased to be active. The site was shut down around 2019, after its administrator was taken into custody. There are many darknet markets that can be used in place of Dream Market.

Silk Road was the original dark-web marketplace. The FBI shut it down however in 2013. Nearly $1 billion was raised in BTC by the closure to support law enforcement agencies.

Hydra, the world's largest darknet marketplace until it was closed down by German authorities in 2022. The closure of Hydra had major consequences for the entire dark net ecosystem. Many new marketplaces on the dark web have emerged to fill in the gap left by Hydra’s closing.

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