TunnelBear Black Friday Deals 2021

TunnelBear Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

TunnelBear Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

A VPN provides you anonymous surfing of the internet, protection of your personal data, and helps you unblock any site of your choice. Rather than spending your time as a waste on the low-quality half-cooked features other VPNs have to give you, why not spend it somewhere more worthwhile like the TunnelBear’s secure VPN service and now with the TunnelBear Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal in-store, you are sure to be in for a treat from both sides. Here we shall discuss the best VPN service you could possibly acquire.

Black Friday sales are popular for their various offers on a lot of products. This time it comes with even bigger ones for TunnelBear by letting you save 58% off on a whole year of the subscription. TunnelBear is the perfect product to purchase for your needs and what better time for that than now with every offers to go on around. Make sure to sign up for TunnelBear before the Black Friday sale so that you don’t miss out on all these exciting offers.

About TunnelBear VPN

The TunnelBear VPN app is one of the best among the other VPN apps available. It prevents data theft and avoids your password from getting stolen, gives you the contents banned in certain areas, unblocks sites by changing your location, prevents IP based tracking, unblocks apps, etc. The app allows you to browse from 23 countries like UK, Japan, the USA, Ireland, Brazil, Sweden, Spain, etc. None of your browsing activity or personal information shall be manipulated or sold while using the app and you can connect up to 5 people for a single time use of TunnelBear. With a strong encryption system embedded the options of your privacy are well assured.

Why TunnelBear VPN?

Since 2011, when it was founded, TunnelBear has shown exemplary performance and improvements in the working. The app is rather easy to install and it is also very user friendly. As it can also be installed on a variety of devices like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, etc. it is also rather popular an sought after. Opera and Chrome browser plug-in also comes in as an add on
feature representing this software.

TunnelBear Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

TunnelBear Plans Available

It is essential for the customer to try out the application first and get used to the
features. This assures that in case they might want to change it, an option is
always available. If the user wants to extend the plan further, they can always
go for one of the options given below

Free of cost:

The free plan allows you to get a sneak peek into the working and properties of the app for a month. The data you shall be allowed is 500mb which is even though limited can offer you services for specific things you may want to look up. This also lets you get an idea about all the offers and features.

1 month:

The one month plan will offer you unlimited data and just for $9.99 a month. Cash can be paid every month to extend the uses and there shall be an uninterrupted connection for your server.

1 year:

Just like the one month plan this also offers you an unlimited data offer but as an added feature the one year plan gives you the Vigilante mode feature. The total amount to be paid shall be just $59.99 every year which leaves you paying just $4.99 every month. This is efficient than the 1- month plan as you have to pay only less every month.

Features of TunnelBear:

Let us see the best things TunnelBear has to offer and its features:


Usually using VPN apps can reduce the speed of your internet and browsing connections, but TunnelBear works fast and does not provide any hindrance to your web browsers.


The high-security encryption system helps keep hackers in check and stop your password and other valuable personal information from getting stolen.

Setting up:

The installation is pretty easy and takes only a few minutes to install in your system. There are no complicated steps or processes for installing it.

User friendly:

TunnelBear is really easy to use. Every command is given in specific modules of its need and you only need to follow the instructions or even go on a hunch as it is that simple to operate. Complicated steps are avoided to the maximum.


TunnelBear is a VPN app of excellent quality and speedy performance. The TunnelBear Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals going on can help you get the offer of a lifetime coming to reduced costs. The application is worth giving a try and the customer support is always available at the ready. Do not miss out on this exciting chance and take the offer today itself!

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