The Epic Privacy Browser is How Safe?

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Summary: How Secure Is the Epic Privacy Browser?

Epic Privacy Browser is built on Chromium's open-source engine. It was created to protect your privacy . This browser does not keep track of your searches or monitor your online activity. It blocks more than 600 attempts to track your online activities and provides encrypted proxy servers that allow you surf anonymously.

These are the top benefits to switching to Epic Privacy Browser

  • It does not store search history.
  • It disables third-party trackers.
  • It does not create user profiles, and doesn't show customized ads as Google.
  • You automatically get to the HTTPS version every website.
  • The s Earch results of the search are not based upon your previous activities.
  • It also has encrypted proxy servers that are VPN-like.

Although Epic Privacy Browser offers some amazing features, it is less user-friendly than other privacy-focused browsers such as Brave. Epic's default settings don't provide comprehensive protection. Before visiting certain websites, it is necessary to create a CAPTCHA or complete additional security measures.

To enhance security and privacy, the Epic browser can be used with a VPN. NordVPN, a VPN provider, offers superfast speeds and advanced security features.


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Keep reading for more information about Epic Privacy browser, including its drawbacks and similarities to privacy-first browsers.

You have many options to protect your privacy when you use a web browser. To protect browsing history and cookies from prying eyes, you can use privacy mode. To enhance security and privacy, you can install various browser extension.

You could also download Epic Privacy Browser free of charge. Epic claims to be a privacy first browser. But how can it protect your personal data? Is Epic browser secure? How does it stack up against other browsers?

We'll be answering these and other questions in this Epic Privacy Browser Review.

The Epic Privacy Browser: An introduction

Privacy browser iconEpic a privacy-focused browser that uses the

Chromium codebase

. Hidden Reflex (India-based software firm founded by Alok Bhhardwaj) released the Epic web browser in 2013. The interface of the Epic browser will be familiar to anyone who has used Google Chrome.

Epic blocks the installation of plug-ins to protect your privacy and does not store your browsing history. It also actively blocks annoying advertisements.

Epic offers a embedded encrypted proxy which will conceal your IP address with a click. This blocks all third party cookies and fingerprinting Scripts as well as any other attempts at tracking your browsing activities. Epic claims that it blocks over 600 tracking attempts per browsing session.

Epic Privacy Browser: Why Choose It?

Epic's proxy, just like Opera and Avast Browser PRO, provides built-in VPN functionality to hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic. It is easy to use and very well designed. You can modify your privacy settings .

Epic supports freedom of the internet and is a privacy-conscious browser. You can Download videos, audio and multimedia content from other websites. It also allows you to access blocked sites . Epic claims to load up to 25x faster than other browsers because it prevents trackers from loading and ads from loading.

Epic is different from all other browsers because its default settings protect privacy. The company claims that Epic defaults to extreme privacy.

What does the Epic Privacy Browser do to protect your privacy?

Infographic showing how does Epic privacy browser protect your privacy

The Epic browser has a variety of privacy options. It does not save your browsing history, DNS cache or media cache. It also does not save preferences or login data and it doesn't support DNS prefetching and third-party cookies.

Below is a list of key privacy features in the Epic Privacy browser.

Trackers and ads blocked

Epic offers complete ad- and tracker blocking. This protects you against tracking and fingerprinting, URL trackers, URL trackers, and other tracking agents.

Epic claims it does not collect user data, and cannot share or sell it to third parties. It doesn't give out data about your search terms or browsing patterns to websites. The browser prevents websites from tracking your.

Epic blocks WebRTC calls, which could potentially expose your IP address.

After each session, delete browsing data

Epic will delete all of your data when you close your browser. This includes your preferences, indexed DB and visited links. It also erases media cache and shortcuts.

Epic permits first party cookies. Epic also allows HTML5 data storage to ensure websites work correctly. This is why Epic recommends that you close your browser frequently to clean out this data.

To protect your privacy, Epic does not use web-based services. Epic doesn't transmit data from URLs to its servers. This data, however, is kept locally to allow services such as the address bar autofill function.

Epic claims it does not log user's browsing history and that they have “reacted as much as possible to all requests by government agencies who have requested data.”

Proxy encryption

Epic's 1-click proxy, which is quicker and more secure than TOR, allows you to surf the internet anonymously. This feature allows you to browse the web anonymously by activating it. Your DNS requests will be routed via an encrypted proxy.

You are not being tracked. also protects your data from prying eyes . This includes your employer, internet service provider, ISP, advertiser, hacker, government, and hackers.

Epic's proxy allows you to view geo-restricted content . This protects your privacy. To unblock content, Epic users have access to servers free of charge in eight locations, including Singapore, India and Canada.

What makes Epic a profit?

Laptop with money on itEpic can be used to support a non-profit organization. Graham Holdings is one of the angel investors that supports it.

Epic made revenue using Google Ads in its first year. The browser masks users' IP addresses to protect their privacy before sharing them with Bluecora, one of Google's partner companies. Epic used this method to prevent sharing personally identifiable data with advertisers.

All this was changed in 2014 when Google required the IP addresses for every person who views their ads. Epic refused to provide this information, and was unable to receive revenue through Google Ads.

Google denies that Epic was targeted by the changes to its advertising policy. Epic claims that Google directed Epic to delete all mentions of “Google” and “Chrome” from its pages. It also instructed the company not to display images or videos related to YouTube in search results.

Epic lost its Google Ad revenue and has requested donations from its users in order to continue its operations.

The Epic Browser's Drawbacks

Trackers, ads, tracking, crypto-mining and fingerprint tracking scripts are all blocked by Epic. Ultrasound signaling is also stopped by Epic. It has some limitations. The company explained that Epic blocked many, but not all, fingerprinting scripts on its website.

Trackers can be blocked by default settings

Testing with EFF's Cover Your Tracks tool showed that Epic's default settings do not provide protection against invisible tracking or tracking ads. To get complete protection, you must enable uBlock or Epic's encrypted proxy. It can be difficult for people not tech-savvy to understand how to access the settings to obtain full protection.

Privacy vs. convenience

The Epic Privacy Browser did not support any add-ons when it launched. The company claims that this is because plugins can allow others to identify you and leak your IP address.

This is an acceptable reason for adding-ons to be blocked, but it meant users could not access important extensions such as a password manager. Epic addressed the issue with a Web Store that allows a restricted set of trusted addons such as Roboform, Evernote and LastPass.

The Epic Privacy Browser is a browser that allows you to choose privacy over convenience. You will need to complete a CAPTCHA, and other security measures , before you can access certain websites like Facebook.

VPN vs. encrypted proxy by Epic

The encrypted proxy of Epic Privacy Browser provides VPN-like functionality.

You can't substitute for a premium VPN provider

.Connect to the Dark Web with a VPN icon

Epic's free VPN will slow down your connection less than a VPN. A VPN service like NordVPN which runs on diskless RAM-only servers offers better speeds than a VPN and has more servers around the globe. NordVPN offers encryption that makes it difficult for prying eyes not to see your traffic while it is in transit.

Epic's encryption proxy protects only your browser traffic; a VPN protects all internet traffic that originates from your device.


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A two-year subscription costs only $3.29 per month and comes with a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction!

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NOTE: Google has the ability to track your internet searches if you use the Epic Privacy browser. Epic strongly recommends that you don't access your Gmail account via its browser.

What is the Difference between Epic and Brave?

Both Epic and Brave, both privacy-focused browsers, are built upon the Chromium codebase. Both offer VPN-like functionality, as well as the ability to block third-party advertisements, trackers and cookies.

Brave does not offer as many privacy options. Epic seems to have more. To prevent your IP address from being leaked, Epic does not allow third-party cookies and add-ons. However, Brave can be installed directly through the Chrome Web Store. Brave allows you to store your browsing history and third-party cookies.

Brave offers special features you won't see on Epic Privacy Browser. These include Tor mode, malware and phishing protection. Brave doubles up as a cryptocurrency/NFT wallet and has its own search engine. Users who view ads are rewarded with the Basic Attention Token (BAT), cryptocurrency token.

Compatible with various operating systems: Epic and Brave, as well as iOS and Windows.

How to install the Epic Privacy Browser

These are the steps to get Epic Privacy Browser installed on your device.

  1. Navigate to Epic's Homepage and click ” Get Epic Now“.
  2. It should take a few seconds for the setup file to download. Double-click the file to start the installation.
  3. Once the installation is completed, you will be directed to a Welcome Page.

The Epic browser looks very much like Chrome. Two panels provide more information about Epic's operation. The panel titled “How Epic Works” is the most appropriate, while the second is dedicated to Epic's private search engine.

Alternatives to Epic Browser

Epic browser isn't the best choice if you want privacy-focused browsing. Other browsers do an equally impressive job protecting privacy and blocking prying eyes. Brave has been briefly reviewed above. These browsers are also worth noting.


SlimJet LogoSlimjet, a Chromium-based webbrowser that works automatically

By default, all advertisements are blocked

. It blocks trackers as well. Slimjet claims it

Google doesn't receive any of your usage data like Chrome.


The Slimjet browser is fast, and can be extended to increase its performance.


Vivaldi browser logoVivaldi is a Chromium-based web browser with a built-in

Tracker and ad blocker

. The high quality of the product is reflected in its highly rated.

Interface customizable


Vivaldi is for those who spend lots of time online. You can use it to take screen shots, make notes, or capture your webcam.


Epic Privacy Browser is a privacy browser that protects you and provides anonymity online. This browser is more secure than InPrivate browsing in Internet Explorer, Incognito browsing on Chrome or private browsing on Firefox.

We recommend that you use a premium VPN like NordVPN alongside Epic Browser for total protection.

The Epic Privacy Browser is Secure: Commonly Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the Epic Privacy Browser You can find the FAQ section here. To view an answer to a question, click on the question.

Epic Privacy Browser offers comprehensive protection, blocking intrusive ads and tracking hundreds. To eliminate any potential leaks, it doesn't make use of any web-based services and does not transfer user data to their servers. Epic browser is a great one, but it lacks some key features.

Learn more about Epic Browser in our article

Epic will only mask your IP address if its encrypted proxy feature has been activated. This feature protects only browser traffic. Your IP address can be exposed by traffic from other browsers and applications.

Hidden Reflex Software Development Company, an India-based company that develops software, developed Epic. It is led by Alok Bhhardwaj.

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