SurfShark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

SurfShark Black Friday Deals 2022

After the onset of the holiday season, comes the most-awaited and crazy sales that every shopaholic dreams of. They pick up their shopping spree and go gaga over the internet to buy things that are on sale. Most of these items are technology-related goodies and software which are usually sold at a higher price all around the year.

Therefore, the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals are the times when people plan on buying things that they have been wanting for a long time. If we look at the things that we get the deals on, one of the most popular items is the VPNs.

Some of the few common qualities we look for in a VPN before purchasing one are security, privacy, speed, ease of use, etc. It will be even more efficient to know about these features of the app before installing it in your system. What is a better way to check these things in a VPN than to use a trial version and try it out? Here this is exactly what we will be discussing in detail. The SurfShark 30 Day Risk-Free VPN trial offers you many advantages you can make use of without much loss on your side.

The SurfShark VPN connects you via a secure pathway so that it prevents your personal data from getting stolen and keeps your identity unknown and untraceable. It uses the best modern encryption system available currently and the protocols that this VPN uses are fast and safe even though they vary from each other.

This is that time of the year when the bad guys of the internet are lurking around your network and finding ways to steal your personal information and monitor your financial transactions too.

Hence, it is very necessary to protect your network, and VPNs are the ways to deal with it. The Surf Shark is also one of the VPNs that have very good security and many features. They claim to protect you and your device from everything and they rated quite well too.

SurfShark Black Friday Deals 2022

So, if you are planning to buy a VPN, you should get your hands on this one as it has a lot of features. The reason why it is very attractive right now is its pricing. It has very lucrative sales going on and thus, at this Black Friday sale it can be the best deal of the year, therefore, without wasting any time further, let us look at the biggest deals of the SurfShark VPN.

SurfShark’s jaw-dropping VPN deal – $1.99 per month

This deal is the Cyber Monday sale which makes it the most attractive deal. This actually comes the cheapest among other deals from other VPNs. Therefore, if we talk in detail, if you look at the pricing, you will only be given a total of 47 dollars per year.

That might not be the least but looking at the features of this VPN, it is quite a catch. In the total, you are going to save around 83% to secure your device.

So, this was the crazy deal that comes only on Cyber Monday and Black Fridays. If we look at the usual pricing, then there is going to be some difference.

The usual deals of the SurfShark VPN

  • 1-month offer:
    This one comes with a price of $11.95 on total and might be beneficial for those who only want to try it. However, if we look broadly, it might not be the best sale.
  • 1-year offer:
    People who do not want a long commitment can stick to the 1-year deal which will cost you only 72.88 dollars a year. Hence, this can be a better deal than the one month deal as it will cost you only 6.07 dollars per year which is better than the monthly offer.
  • 2-year offer:
    If you still think that the 1-year offer is a nice one, then you should hear about the 2 years offer too. This amazing offer will give you twice the benefit with a total cost of 95.2 dollars which will effectively 47.76 dollars a year, much less than the previous plans.
  • 3-year offer:
    The best one on the list and with an interesting scheme. This one comes with triple benefits with a price much lower. If you are planning on long terms then this is the offer which will give you a lot of benefits. With an amazing deal of 69.99 dollars on the total. Believe it or not, this effectively means that it will cost you as low as 1.94 dollars a month. We suggest you grab it before they change their plan.

Features of SurfShark:

● No more ads, tracker, or malware attacks, your surfing experience will now be secured and clean.
● The best part of this VPN is that you can just subscribe to one device but connect an unlimited number of devices. So, you can now protect all your devices with just one subscription
● You can allow a limited number of apps for a specific time which can bypass the VPN. This feature works great while banking.
● Hide your IP Address
● You can visit websites from restricted regions with no borders mode.
● This software does not monitor your data, tracks, or stores any information.

SurfShark 30 Day Risk-Free VPN Trial
SurfShark 30 Day Risk-Free VPN Trial

What is the SurfShark 30 Day Risk-Free Trial?

As specified above it is always better to have a taste of the VPN before purchasing it for daily use and such. Thus SurfShark offers you a 30 day risk-free trial as an effective idea.

After giving the product a go and purchasing, you can use it for 30 days risk-free and incase in that period of time you ever wanted a refund you shall be given your money back. If you are not happy with the service you receive you can ask for your money back.

You can take a whole month to explore the features of SurfShark and to decide whether this is the VPN you were looking for. Since the app is available to work on multiple devices it is advised to install it on all of those and check the functioning to figure out and make use of SurfShark’s best features and how it performs on different devices.

You can open your normal streaming sites in order to check for its speed and video quality and also you can enjoy the complete features that come along with it fully without any restrictions or holdbacks.

Due to the solid reputation of the company scamming with this deal is not an option; hence this is a 100% legit offer you can take up without having to fear losing your money on this. You can submit your refund request through live chat or email and if submitted within the 30 days after purchase, you shall surely receive your full cashback.

Plans and Pricing

There are mainly three main plans available for SurfShark. The monthly plan lets you pay $11.95 per month which you can continue till you need to stop. The 12 months plan has a lower monthly cost of $5.99 which is more efficient than the monthly plan.

And finally, the 36 monthly plan needs you to spend only $1.94 per month which is the lowest cost of them all. SurfShark also offers an 83% off on its 24-month plan that originally included paying $1.99 a month.

All these plans can be included for the 30-day risk-free trial offered by SurfShark, even the 1-month plan so rest assured while purchasing it.


The SurfShark VPN is amazing software with the best security protocols. It makes sure that you have the best security patch while surfing the internet. Moreover, you can protect your device with the best deals in this sale season. So this was about SurfShark Black Friday Deals 202.

When the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are on, you can grab the best of subscriptions with the cheapest prices. Hence, grab while you can before the offers change. Also, the deals are the best time to get your hands on this VPN without spending a lot and you can stay protected.

As we have said already, the SurfShark 30-day risk-free trial offers you more than enough time to get used to its features, explore its wide range of options, and decide for yourself if the app is worth it or not.

All the spectrum of features provided works rather well and the 30-day money-back policy helps you relax a bit in the case of your wallet too. So make sure to keep this in mind while making your purchase of this item and for more queries contact our site through the comment section below and we shall get back to you.

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