Ivacy Black Friday Deals 2022

Ivacy Black Friday Deals

Looking for Ivacy Black Friday Deals?

Cyber Monday usually starts just after the thanksgiving season and therefore, it is an opportunity for all those people who are direly looking for the best deals. These days, the VPN services are doing their best to provide you with the biggest and best deals on their services with the Cyber Monday Deals. 

The black Friday sales are like the golden day for al the shopaholics around the world to get the best offers on their hands. These deals come on most of those items which are technology-related. We know that software and other technology-related products are very costly to buy. Hence, the cyber Monday sales along with the black Friday sales are the days when you can buy the product which you have been planning for so long.

What is Ivacy?

If we talk about the VPN deals, they are planning to drop their prices even more with the cyber Monday sales. In the US, there have been plans made to make cyber weeks instead of just Mondays and Fridays. So, you have more time to actually get your hands on the product. 

Ivacy VPN has brought to you a big sale for the crazy shopaholics. In the year 2020, you are going to have some luck as they have got big deals on their products. Let us talk about the deals that we are going to get this year.

Ivacy Black Friday Deals 2020

What are the latest deals on Ivacy?

  1. Ivacy’s exclusive pricing plan for 5 years – 88% off

The best one is here, but before you get disheartened and complain about how the last year’s sale was for 90% off and with lifetime validity. However, this is also called as the lifetime sale as it is a big 5-year VPN plan. Moreover, it is available at an easy price of $1.16 per month which is a tad bit sad because last year’s sale had a 0.99 dollars per month which actually does not make much difference but then, better be late than never, right? Also, for five long years, you will only have to pay a maximum bill of 69.99 dollars which is great for this amazing product. 

If you think 5 years are not enough, then you should realize that 5 years are actually half a decade. Now you just need to think that you are going to pay only 69.99 dollars for availing the tight security and protection of your internet connection. This VPN is going to protect you from pretty much everything that you are scared of happing while you are connected to the internet.

  1. 2 Years Plan – Save 77%

You must be impressed with the 5 years plan. However, some people do not buy a VPN for 5 years as they think it would be a waste if they would not be able to use all of that. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, most users opt for a smaller plan. As we do not have faith in the software as to how it is going to serve us so we go for a plan that does not cost us much and if we are not satisfied, we can change it too. However, Ivacy gives you the best product. Opting for this 2 years plan will cost you only 54 dollars on the total. This means that you can save 77%. Monthly it only costs you 2.25 dollars which makes it an attractive choice.

  1. 1-year plan – save up to 65%

Usually, if we talk about any VPN, it costs us $100 per year. However, you will be surprised to know that f we catch the Cyber Monday sales or Black Friday sales, you can get a huge discount of at least 65% and thus, you will be paying only 42 dollars for a year. This makes it an affordable plan if you are planning to buy a VPN only for a year. Although, if we talk about the best one among these, we would still suggest the 5 years plan as it lets you save the most.

Now, it's time to talk about the benefits of the Ivacy VPN and why we should choose it over any other VPN. because apparently, there are 100s of companies trying to sell their VPNs. so, how do we choose the best among these?

Why should you go for the ivacy Black Friday VPN Deal?

If we talk in general, the Ivacy VPN is known to have the best security features. If you want to have actual freedom to use the internet and visit any website then Ivacy is the best for you. Do not let third-parties exert any control or abuse your data. Be safe while getting the best deals on the Ivacy VPN Cyber Monday Deals.

Features of Ivacy VPN:

  • Unblock any site from any location
  • No more being tracked by spies or agencies
  • Download any file securely
  • Secure monetary transactions
  • Stream from the best platforms from anywhere.


Ivacy gives you all those features that you need in order to use the internet safely and thus serves as an amazing choice among the majority of the users. On a closing note, we can suggest the best deal which is the 5 years plan as it will let you use your internet securely for a long time. Therefore, protect yourself and protect your data from getting misused with Ivacy.

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